The Purple Sky

"Yesterday is but today's memory, tomorrow is today's dream" - Khalil Gibran

The little gesture that tickles my heart away on a random Monday evening..

I got these mailed to me when I told someone I vomited on my patient - (I know..*sigh*) and my staff nurse (who did not bring any change of clothing...*another big sigh*) on my last medivac (helicopter patient transfer) trip to Sibu

Did I mention that the patient was a 26 days old baby? (thousands apologies dear sweet angel..)

Surely not a very proud day for me

Nevertheless - who would thought an air sickness bag and a strip of anti-emetic would make my day?

p/s: Where's my Hard Rock Cafe shirt..??! =P

It has been a long (but short) weekend with turmoils of emotion

Been in Bintulu
Met old friends
New people

Happy again

A bad habit of mine - I listened (and cared about) what (other) people think too much. It basicly affect my actions a lot. Somehow I find that I'm not exactly that happy. (who wouldn't?) So I started doing things the way I want/believe it should be done. Putting less thought to what others think. But things always take a wrong turn around me.. So now I'm having doubts - what if I've been looking for all the wrong things?

However..- above all, a great weekend it has been. =)

P/s: Tak sabar nak tgk AJL malam nie!

Why is it that when I finally arrived here, I feel like I don't belong here at all - and all I could think about is finding a way to flee.....

I thought it should bring me peace..That I'll feel at home..Like I've found something that I've always been looking for - but I didn't.

I feel miserable.
Like I'm walking through mud, waist high, heading no where.
I don't feel joy.

I'm getting more and more confused. What do I want really..??? Gaarrrrrrrghhhhhhhh....!!!!

Had sudden pang of longing to blog.

I'm oncall tonight.

And yes I'm blogging from the oncall room.

No weird case so far.

The only sub-weird incident was when our recently moved in Myanmarian ObGyn Specialist suddenly popped up out of nowhere with a wide grin on her face saying - 'I need to buy a mattress.' rofLoL


Hopeful for a peaceful night! *fingers crossed*

And its The New Year Eve too!!

So here's me ~~wishing everyone a Happy Gleeful New Year~~

Hip Hip Hooooray!!!

p/s: Didn't 2010 passes by too quickly..??

Perlu study!

I have never had so much fun watching a movie in a loooooong time.


I watched this.

Its about finding yourself, finding your worth, beautiful friendship, family, grave adventure and most of all - crazy cuteness. Thats right. Toothless the dragon couldn't be any cuter.

My favourite scene - during the aftermath, when Hiccup finds out that he's on a prosthetic limb and was struggling to walk, toothless came to aid and helped him walk. *sigh* Truly major awesome movie.

Go watch and find out.

P/s: But I have to warn that some fighting scenes might be tad a bit violent for smaller kids =))